Pituitary Day 2010

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Boston’s first ever Pituitary Day proved a resounding success; bringing critical awareness to pituitary disorders. A consortium of world-class physicians presented the latest research and understandings of pituitary disease in hope of improving diagnosis and treatment. Sponsored by the Brain Science Foundation, Shield’s MRI, and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital Pituitary Neuroendocrine Center, Pituitary Day hosted nearly one hundred patients, families, physicians, and health care providers.

Longtime BSF Principal Investigator Edward R. Laws, Jr., MD, Surgical Director of the BWH Pituitary/Neuroendocrine Center, sought to bring the program to Boston after many successful years in California. His primary reason was to raise awareness of the unnoticed abundance of pituitary disease in the population. Regular autopsies have revealed an estimated twenty-five percent of the population have some form of the disease; most never showing symptoms.

Dr. Laws recruited colleagues from the BWH Pituitary/Neuroendocrine Center to present this informative program at the Bornstein Amphitheater at Brigham & Women’s Hospital on November 13, 2010.

The day kicked off with a few words from the sponsors of the event. Kathy Haley, Co-Founder of the Brain Science Foundation, Siobhan Quinn of Shields MRI, and Dr. Laws on behalf of BWH expressed their gratitude to everyone for attending. Zachary Litvack, MD and Ursula Kaiser, MD presented first with a rich base of knowledge concerning the Pituitary gland itself and many of its disorders. Whitney Woodmansee, MD presented on Hypopituitarism and replacement medications.

After a brief Q&A and break, Sherry Iuliano, MSN, NP covered the agonizing headaches common to pituitary disease. Dr. Laws followed with a detailed slideshow describing the surgery involved with removing pituitary tumors. At the conclusion to Dr. Laws’ lecture, the entire surgeon body formed a panel to answer questions from the audience.

Further presentations included Dr. Valerie Golden’s discussion of the psychological aspects related to pituitary disease and Sashank Prasad, MD talk on the effects of pituitary tumors on vision assessment and outcomes.

Participants attended their choice of four breakout sessions, each led by one of the day’s presenters. The highly specific groups allowed individuals to ask more demanding questions and meet others with similar situations.

Finally, Valerie Golden, PhD led the concluding seminar of the psychological challenges of pituitary disorders. This session was a powerful culmination to an informative and empowering day.

Participant Comments

“Thank you sincerely. I can’t put into words how helpful it was to learn from the pros in a lay person’s terms. The passion of all the doctors shined through.”
Patient New York, NY

“This day showed me how much my doctors do care and want to make things better. I thoroughly enjoyed this event and would attend another.”
Patient Roslindale, MA

“Thank you so much for everything you do!!!”
Patient Hingham, MA

“The opportunity to discuss situations with other patients was invaluable.”
Patient Boston, MA

“Everyone was very informative and very open to answer a variety of questions. Fantastic Program. Thank you.”
Family Member/Friend Winthrop, MA

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insight to this disease. Great to talk and share with other patients.”
Patient Hampstead, NH

“Wonderful! Very informative and well planned.”
Family Member/Friend Lee, MA