Brain Science Foundation Scientists Make Important Breakthrough!

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BSF Principal Investigators Priscilla Brastianos, Rameen Beroukhim, Ian Dunn, Peleg Horowitz, and Sandro Santagata have published new findings linking DNA mutations and meningioma, resulting from meningioma gene sequencing. This is particularly significant, as there are already specific drugs in use to target those mutations in other cancers. This discovery has been published by Nature Genetics and written up in the Bloomberg News.

BSF Founder Steven Haley was energized to hear this exciting discovery, saying: “This is truly breakthrough news with five of our PI’s at the forefront! It gives me hope, it provides me further inspiration that we are aligned with the right research and clinical investigators and are funding the right initiatives towards making a difference in treatment options providing hope for better outcomes for those diagnosed with Meningioma!!”

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