Girl looking through a microscrope.The study of primary brain tumors, particularly meningiomas, represents a greatly underserved area of research. We are working to close the gap of brain cancer and tumor research in an entrepreneurial way by leveraging targeted, multi-disciplinary support for research, education, and patient care simultaneously.

In partnership with Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Children’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, the BSF facilitates ground-breaking progress on a number of fronts:

  • Developing, executing, and monitoring a strategic, highly responsive grant program that includes basic, clinical, and epidemiological research;
  • Expanding the number of investigators in the field by supporting researchers in the early stages of their careers;
  • Sharing the results of promising research and treatment modalities through an aggressive outreach and communication program that elevates public and medical awareness of primary brain tumors through vehicles such as the inaugural Meningioma Summit.
  • Mobilizing Foundation constituents—donors, patients, health-care providers, and researchers—to take action against meningiomas and other primary brain tumors.

Fellows and Investigators

We have sponsored several programs at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital designed to expand the number of investigators in the field by supporting researchers in the early stages of their careers as well as seasoned researchers who are working on translational research and/or novel, scientific approaches for which securing funding is often challenging.

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Current Projects

Our research portfolio boasts some of the most innovative science related to brain tumors as well as collaborative projects that promise to accelerate the translation of this science into clinical treatments and personalized therapies.

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Completed Projects

It’s very rare for a project to truly be “completed.” Graduated from Brain Science Foundation funding might be a more accurate description. In addition, projects have won continued funding and bridge/gap funding when merited.

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Impact of BSF Research

As of 2010, the Brain Science Foundation has funded well over $10m toward research, education, and patient support, which has resulted in nearly $30m in research funding grants from other sources.

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