2010 Research Status Reports

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The Brain Science Foundation is proud to support cutting edge research in the neurosciences. In 2010, ten talented physician scientists completed groundbreaking work in the pursuit of a cure. Many of these scientists have been recognized for their work and have received advanced funding, proving that the BSF’s mission to seed novel research is succeeding.
To read more about the outcomes and current status for each of these projects, please download the status reports provided by the principal investigators:

Nathalie Y.R. Agar, PhD
Intraoperative Mass Spectrometry for Personalized Treatment of Brain Tumors
(PDF, 20KB)

Peter Black, MD, PhD & Rona Carroll, PhD
On the Road to a Clinical Trial for Using Gene Therapy for Aggressive Glioblastomas
(PDF, 15KB)

Elizabeth B. Claus, MD, PhD
Genome-Wide Search for Meningioma Genes/Family Study of Meningioma
(PDF, 13KB)

Ian F. Dunn, MD
Comprehensive Identification of Therapeutic Targets in Meningioma
(PDF, 250KB)

Alexandra J. Golby, MD
Semi-automatic Identification of Neurosurgically Important White Matter Tracts using fMRI & DTI Atlas
(PDF, 135KB)

Mark Johnson, MD, PhD
Oncogenomics of Meningioma
(PDF, 10KB)

Albert Kim, MD, PhD
The Role of the CDC20-Anaphase Promoting Complex Signaling Pathway in Cerebellar Granule Cell Precursor Development and Medullablastoma Migration
(PDF, 11KB)

Edward R. Laws, Jr., MD
DNA Repair Mechanisms as Targets for Therapy of Pituitary Adenomas
(PDF, 14KB)

Lata Menon, PhD
Mechanisms Underlying Human Mesenchymal Stromal Cell (MSC) Recruitment and Migration to Human Glioma
(PDF, 22KB)

Patrick Wen, MD
Phase II Meningioma Therapy Trial