Semi-Automatic Identification of Neurosurgically Important White Matter Tracts Using fMRi + DTT Atlas

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Dr. Golby has special clinical interests in epilepsy and brain tumors, and her research at the Golby Lab focuses on functional brain mapping using both structural and functional imaging techniques to guide neurosurgical planning and intra-operative decision making. BSF funding in 2010 will continue Dr. Golby’s work in integrating information acquired from pre-operative brain mapping with intra-operative brain mapping and intra-operative imaging, to define functional brain anatomy for surgical planning. The goal is to provide the surgeon with optimal information to perform less invasive, safer, and more effective interventions.  This allows patients with lesions in critical brain areas to have optimal surgical treatment with preservation of neurological function.

The Golby Lab originated through funding from the Brain Science Foundation, The Brigham Institute for the Neurosciences, and the National Institutes of Health, allowing Dr. Golby to assemble a team of extraordinary scientists from different backgrounds working collaboratively to advance the field of image-guided surgery and functional brain imaging. By developing brain mapping techniques to better understand the functional anatomy of the brain and applying these techniques to surgical planning and in the operating room, Dr. Golby and her team are ensuring healthier outcomes and improving the quality of life for patients of with brain tumors and epilepsy.