Meningioma Clinical Trial Initiated!

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We are elated to announce that in 2015 the BSF began its support of a clinical new initiative. Using BSF funds, Investigators: Priscilla Brastianos, MD; Ian Dunn, MD; Sandro Santagata, MD; and Rameen Beroukhim, MD discovered novel recurrent mutations in Meningiomas that will have significant impact on the future treatment of these tumors. These mutations are known genetic targets in other cancer types but had never been described in Meningiomas until now. In 2015, BSF funded investigator Dr. Brastianos will lead a far reaching, multi-institutional Phase II Study looking at inhibitors that target these mutations. This will be the first ever trial of personalized drug therapies for Meningiomas, and represents a paradigm shift in Meningioma therapy!